Eric Magnan is a portrait and fashion photographer working between Paris and the American East-Coast (New-York, Philadelphia, Washington). His style consists in lively and natural pictures and is inspired by the works of Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Patrick Demarchelier and Steven Meisel. Always eager to use new techniques and adapt on the fly, he believes that photography has to be a fun and creative experience.

Artist statement

I started photography as a press reporter. At the time, I was mostly covering sport and cultural events, sometimes strikes and activist actions in Paris. Press photography is a wonderful way to learn. Reporting requires speed and accuracy and never gives you a second chance - I enjoyed doing it for two years and learn a ton from it.

But spending my weekends taking pictures of strangers felt awkward. Somewhat lacking. I never got to know these people. Sometimes, I would go to protests without even knowing why people were taking to the streets.

My work gradually drifted toward portrait, and from there to fashion photography. In a portrait session, you get to know whom you are working with. The work is done as a team: the relationship with the model, the make-up artist and stylist participate to the quality of the pictures.

I consider fashion photography as a search for esthetics. My work consists in defining what I am willing to show, and from there find how to make it in practice. Portrait photographers have many tools to serve their purpose: lightning, framing, colors, tones… but also facial expression, make-up, hair style, accessories, outfits… there is a tremendous number of settings that can be adjusted to serve the esthetic goal. One of my growing interests is the three-dimensional aspect of human body. Human body is a wonderful tool for making angular, visual poses. And, of course, poses are chosen to enhance features of the body of the model.

It is difficult to define an artistic long term plan, some kind of an esthetic absolute goal. I rather consider myself as an evolutive artist:  I try to explore many different ideas, methods and concepts. Each time, I harvest some technical learning and get a clearer view on what is my esthetical goal.  In my eyes, leaving the confort zone is necessary to keep being creative.

Nevertheless, some things never change. Over the time, I keep trying to produce authentic and spontaneous pictures. I insist on keeping things as natural as they can be when it comes to post-processing. I keep developing my films myself, because I want a complete control on the negatives. 

Wether you are a model, a photographer, or just someone interested in my work, I would be happy to hear from you !